Vatican Basilica Thursday, 2 February 2017 When the parents of Jesus brought the Child in fulfilment of the prescriptions of the law, Simeon, “guided by the Spirit” (Lk 2:27), took the Child in his arms and broke out in a hymn of blessing and praise. “My eyes”, he said, “have seen your salvation, which you
Circular letter Rome, January 30. 2017 On  the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord in 1997, Pope Saint John Paul II instituted ‘The World Day of Consecrated Life’, a day of prayer for women and men in consecrated life ; since then, it is celebrated every 2 February. On the occasion of the XXI Day
The Presidency had its first meeting in Rome one month after its election, on September 21 and 22. During these two days, it examined several important questions: the organization of the secretary and some legal aspects of the Cmis; works in progress, especially the “identity code”; recommendations of the general assembly; financial situation; the ways
Maria Cristina, member of the secular Institute Legionarias de Maria Immaculada, was also a member of the Cmis Executive Council, and a tireless promoter of the secular Institutes and their better knowledge inside the Church. She intensely collaborated to the preparation of the 2008 Cmis General Assembly in Guadalajara ( Mexico ). Everyone still remembers
Concerning the public participation of the laity in the life
Audiencia Papa Francisco
Pope Francis receives to the Presidency of the CMIS – December 7, 2015