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Ai consacrati e alle consacrate in cammino sui segni di Dio.
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La gestión de los bienes

Carta circular de la CIVCSVA. Líneas orientativas para la gestión de los bienes en los Institutos de vida consagrada y en las Sociedades de vida apostólica.
(Pracujemy nad tłumaczeniem).
  • Evangelium: this indicates the fundamental rule of consecrated life, which is the “sequela Christi as taught by the Gospel” (PC 2a). First of all as “a living memorial of Jesus’ way of living and acting” (VC 22), and then as vital wisdom in the light of the multiple counsels that the Lord gave to his disciples (cf LG 42). The Gospel shows the way ahead and is a source of joy (EG 1).
    Year of Consecrated Life
  • Prophetia: reminds us of the prophetic character of consecrated life, which “takes the shape of a special form of sharing in Christ’s prophetic office, which the Holy Spirit communicates to the whole People of God” (VC 84). This is an authentic prophetic ministry that is born from the Word and is nourished by the Word of God when this is welcomed and lived out in the various circumstances of life. This function is carried out through courageous denunciation and in announcing new ‘visits’ by God; also, “through the exploration of new ways to apply the Gospel in history, in expectation of the coming of God’s Kingdom” (ibid.).
    Year of Consecrated Life
  • Spes: reminds us of the ultimate fulfillment of the Christian mystery. We are living through an era that is characterized by widespread uncertainties and a lack of projects with a long-term vision: hope is needed in a context of cultural and social fragility, at a time when the horizon is dark because “it often seems that the signs of God’s presence have been lost from sight” (VC 85). Consecrated life is permanently projected toward the eschatology: it witnesses that every hope will eventually have its definite fulfillment, and transforms the waiting “in work and mission, that the Kingdom may become present here and now” (VC 27). As a sign of hope consecrated life needs to be close to people and to show mercy; to be a paradigm of a future free from all kinds of idolatry.
    Year of Consecrated Life