An original initiative in India to make secular institutes known

India Post release of OMMI postal cover and stamp for the Jubilee

Mercy Savariyaradimai, Regional Leader; and Thresiamma Mathew, Directress of Archana Women’s Centre

“In connection with the Golden Jubilee of the Oblate missionaries of Mary Immaculate in India, we got an opportunity to join the Department of Post to release a special postal cover and stamp. It was indeed a covetous occasion to make our Institute known to a large gathering. The name of the Institute with a short write up will travel all over India and even abroad.”

The stamp shows our founder, Fr.Louis Marie Parent’s photo. It can be used as postal stamp.

Printing on the postal cover

On the other side of the cover there is a write up in English and its translation in Hindi.

“The Secular Institute The Oblate Missionaries of Mary Immaculate is an association of consecrated women who are non-traditional in their life style and apostolate. It was founded in Canada and is present in 20 countries. In 1967 the Indian province was established. Jyothi Jeeva Poorna Trust –Archana Women’s Center is a social concern of OMMI in India, leading the most poor and marginalised women to non-traditional livelihood skills. More than 3000 women have acquired these highly remunerative skills. The training Center at Ettumanoor, Kottayam stands out as a monument of women’s skills and artisanship.”

At its Golden Jubilee, the OMMI is making a “Difference” in the Church and society.