Died Filomena Crous, at 98 years old, ex general director of the Secular Institute Operarias Parroquiales Magdalena Aulina

Has departed to the Father’s house Filomena Crous Boatella , who was always very close to the founder of the Secular Institute Operarias Parroquiales de Magdalena Aulina and was the first successor in the direction of the institute. The death took place on July 30 at the Central House of Barcelona (Spain).

Deserves a special mention for their contribution and participation in the community life of secular institutes worldwide. Indeed, in 1970 it was entrusted to Filomena Crous and Genoveva Hernandez, general director of the Institute Secular Cruzada Evangélica, and to the heads of thirteen institutes around the world, the task of drawing up the statutes of Secular Institutes, accepted immediately in all countries. Thus was born the World Conference of Secular Institutes.

Meanwhile, Filomena, along with other secular institutes of Spain and Portugal, helped form the first Conference, now known as CEDIS, which was elected president in 1972.

We thank God for the gift of his life and delivery and ask all a remembrance in prayer.