European Matchday of Secular Institutes: preliminary draft activities

Organized by CEDIS in collaboration with UPSA:

Church, secularity, consecration.

Next we present the preliminary draft activities and lectures for this matchday.



  • 19-20-21 June 2015 (In the context of the year of consecrated life and the centenary of St. Teresa of Jesus).
  • It will start on the 19th at 16:30 and will end on 21 at 14’00.


  • Pontifical University of Salamanca

Title of the matchday:

  • “Mystical Experience and secular commitment”: Teresa of Jesus, a teacher of humanity.


June 19


  • Opening
  • 1st lecture: “St. Teresa in his time”.
    • Open dialogue
  • 2nd lecture: “Mysticism of St. Teresa”.
    • Open dialogue

June 20


  • 3rd lecture: “The feminine genius”.
    • Open dialogue
  • 4th lecture: “Religious experience in secular culture”.
    • Open dialogue
  • Roundtable: “Nostalgia of absolute new spiritual quest”.


  • Visit to Avila.
  • Prayer Vigil.

June 21


  • Concluding conference: “Mystical dimension of consecrated secularity”.
  • Closing Eucharist.