Printed edition of the World Congress of Assisi, 2012

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Dearest friends,

Please accept my expression of respectful and cordial greetings also on behalf of the Executive Council of CMIS. I am pleased to inform you that now available are the printed copies of the Acts of the CMIS Congress and General Assembly 2012 (Assisi) translated into seven languages.

We had already informed you about the Executive Council’s decision that each Institute will be sent one copy free of charge, If you wish to receive additional copies please let us know as soon as you can by sending us a duly compiled copy of the annexed order form by ordinary mail, e-mail or fax. Please note that each copy costs 12.00 €, postal charges included. The proceeds will cover the costs of printing and mailing, while the CMIS membership fees will cover the costs of translation. Through the publication of the Acts we feel we are offering you a precious instrument both for reflection within your Institute and to bring our vocation to the attention of pastors, theologians and formators.

With renewed esteem and affection I wish to thank you for your closeness and for all the work you are doing in your respective Institutes.

Nadège Védie
Presidente de la CMIS