Seminar for Formators of Institutes of Consecrated Life. Year of Consecrated Life

Vatican City, January 12, 2015
Prot. n. Sp.R. E 3/2014

Dear Superiors GeneraI, May the Lord grant you peace!

As already announced, one of the activities that this Dicaster is organizing to mark the Year of Consecrated Life is a Seminar for Formators of Institutes of Consecrated Life.

This letter serves as an official notification of this event, which, as we well know, has generated a lot of interest. AIso, we would like to give you some information that you might find useful.

The Seminar will be held at the Ergife Palace Hotel, Via Aurelia 619, 00165 Rome, from the 8 th till the 11 th of ApriI 2015. Only those Formators that belong to Institutes with Pontifical recognition are invited to take part. For the time being, seeing that the number of participants must necessarily be limited, and for logistic and organizational purposes, we would like to ask you to let us know, by January 30 th, the number of Formators of your Institute that would like to participate, and the country they come from. Our Dicaster would then have to decide about who can
participate according to certain criteria; these include the proportional representation of the Institutes based on the number of members, and the geographical area from where the participants come.

The participation fee is €290 per person. Besides participation in the Seminar, this fee covers two coffee breaks and a buffet lunch each day – thus there would be no need to leave the venue. If someone does not want to have lunch, the fee would be €190.

Would like to inform those who need to find lodgings (this is left to each participants) that the Ergife Palace Hotel can accommodate a large number at the folIowing cost: single room, €81 per day; double room €102 per day; and triple room, €108 per day. These charges include breakfast and the taxes due to the City of Rome.

I take this opportunity to warmly greet you all in the Lord,

José Rodriguez Carballo, O.F.M.
Archbishop Secretary