Suggestions to prepare a plan of formation in Secular Institutes

Letter from the President Suggestions to prepare a plan of formation

Rome, July 6. 2017

Dear  Responsible,

During the Year of consecrated life, one of the main subjects was formation in all the Institutes of consecrated life. Afterwards in August 2016, the General Assembly of the CMIS debated about this question and asked the Executive Council to identify useful elements for all the secular Institutes. Finally in January 2017, the Congregation for the Institutes of consecrated life published a document “per vino nuovo, otri nuovi” (a translation in English is not yet available), that includes important recommendations about formation.

The Executive Council went further into this theme and took into account the contribution and the experience of many Institutes. So it offers now the enclosed document that includes important suggestions in order to help discussion and elaboration of training plans adjusted to the reality and the possibilities of each Institute.

In any consecrated life, formation is a process throughout the life. Its quality determines the faithfulness of all members and the future of the Institute itself. We hope that you will receive this document with a great interest, so that it can help the whole life of your members and the dynamism of your Institute.

In communion in the same grace,

Jolanta Szpilarewicz