Workshop for young consecrated persons. Rome, 15-19 september, 2015

Workshop for young consecrated persons

Rome, 15-19 September 2015


Applications for the meeting will be received online, not later than June 30, 2015:

More information  –  English Program


The dates of the meeting include also these moments open to all consecrated persons:

  • Tuesday, September 15th: Introductory Vigil.
  • Saturday, September 19: Memory of the martyrs.

The meeting itself is open to those persons in the following stages of consecrated life:

  • The period immediately preceding the Novitiate.
  • The Novitiate (discernment or trial period).
  • Temporary incorporation.
  • Ten years after the definite or perpetual incorporation.

A contribution of 10 € is requested per participant.

The method of payment and further information with more details concerning the meeting will be communicated directly to the Major Superiors.