“To fully understand the mission of secular institutes, it is necessary to know and understand the mission of the laity” (Emilio Tresalti) We have learned today with great sadness of the death in Rome of Professor Emilio Tresalti, at the age of 86. For a long time Director General of the Cristo Re Institute, he
Queridos hermanos: Todos los miembros del Instituto Secular Fieles Siervas de Jesús hoy experimentamos que nuestro corazón se inunda de gozo y alegría al celebrar juntos los 80 años de su fundación y con ellos muchísimos acontecimientos que hacen parte importante de la vida de quienes hoy estamos aquí y de tantos hermanos nuestros que

News from the USA. The Mountaineer. Spring 2021

Dear Friends, It is Lent. Does that make your heart fall or does it make your heart sing? I like to think of this season as one to grow in love for Jesus and to follow in his footsteps. True, his footsteps lead us to the desert which conjures up visions of barrenness, merciless heat, and chilling

XXV Dzień Życia Konsekrowanego

Watykan, 18 stycznia 2021 r. Do wszystkich osób konsekrowanych Zwracamy się do Was w przeddzień ważnego dla nas wszystkich dnia, mężczyzn i kobiet konsekrowanych, ponieważ jest on poświęcony naszemu szczególnemu powołaniu, które na różne sposoby sprawia, że jaśnieje miłość Boga do mężczyzny, kobiety i całego wszechświata. Drugiego lutego, tego roku, będziemy obchodzić XXV Dzień Życia
Convegno „Carisma e creatività” sui beni culturali degli istituti di vita consacrata – 30 settembre / 1 ottobre 2021 promosso dalla Congregazione per gli istituti di Vita Consacrata e le Società di Vita Apostolica e dal Pontificio Consiglio della Cultura. CIVCSVA website

Święta Bożego Narodzenia 2020

ACSI Newsletter – December 2020

ACSI Newsletter December 2020   Message from the President Dear Friends, We are in Advent season. Everyone who is born a Christian understands the significance of Advent prior to Christmas. While the commercial world is engaged in advertising Christmas trees, caps, Santa Claus attire, turkeys and cakes of varieties, we Christians have a singular task.

The Mountaineer – Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020 Dear Friends, Well, here we are – Christmas in the year of COVID-19. Can we travel? Will we be able to gather with our family? How can I shop for gifts that I cannot see or touch? Will the post office deliver my packages on time? Will we even be able to worship

Lastest news from the United States Conference

Dear friends, Outside my window a frisky squirrel is gathering nuts to put away in his secret hiding place to prepare for leaner times. This afternoon it will be out to the garden to bring in the last squash, peppers, and tomatoes before the frost predicted for this week. It seems to be a season of preparation, doesn’t it?  

STUDIUM 2020/2021

La Congregazione per gli Istituti di Vita Consacrata e le Società di Vita Apostolica, da più di 60 anni accompagna i consacrati e le consacrate nel cammino di formazione continua attraverso lo Studium, Scuola interdisciplinare per la formazione al Magistero e alla Normativa canonica sulle Forme di Vita Consacrata nella Chiesa. Essa propone un iter formativo biennale