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“God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him.” (Jn 3, 1 – 17) Dear
Il 28 novembre 2019 rimarrà una data memorabile per gli Istituti secolari di tutto il mondo! Alle 9.30 la Presidenza della CMIS (Jolanta, Elba e Margherita), con il suo Segretario Pierre e l’incaricata per le attività della segreteria Chiara, hanno incontrato Papa Francesco nella sua Biblioteca privata. Dopo una chiara presentazione degli Istituti nei vari
Dear Friends, As the leaves turn golden and ruby and the winds become brisk and filled with the aroma of fall (at least here in Nebraska), my thoughts turn to some of my favorite feasts, that of All Saints and All Souls. These are the day when the Church remembers and celebrates the unsung heroes

Secular Institutes in Malta: good news to discover

The Maltese Council of Secular Institutes is composed of 5 Secular Institutes: The Company of St Ursula Secular Institute of St Angela Merici; the Piccola Famigia Francescana Institute; the Spigolatrici della Chiesa; the Unione Carmelitana Francescana and the Volonteers of Don Bosco. The first meeting of the Council was 30 years ago on the 5th
Theme:  SI-­P: RESPONDING WITH THE YOUTH TO THE CALL TO HOLINESS Held in the St. Joseph Retreat House, Bustillos Street, Sampaloc, Manila from 23 August to 26 2019,  the 4th Secular Institutes-Philippines (SIP) National Assembly brought in 25 participants  from 9 institutes. These are the Associates of Notre Dame (AND), Secular Institutes of the Daughters St. Anne (SIDSA), Fils de Notre Dame de Vie (FNDV),
Vorlage für PM aus Anlass der 100-Jahr-Feier der Ancillae Sanctae Ecclesiae, verfasst von G. Riffert 1919 – 2019 100 – Jahrfeier unserer Gemeinschaft Säkularinstitut Ancillae Sanctae Ecclesiae feiert 100-jähriges Bestehen München. Am Samstag, 12. Oktober 2019, feiert das Säkularinstitut Ancillae Sanctae Ecclesiae (ASE) sein 100-jähriges Bestehen. Die ASE sind das weltweit einzige Säkularinstitut, dem auch
La XVII Asamblea General del Instituto Secular Fieles Siervas de Jesús, reunida del  29 de junio al 7 de julio, en la ciudad de Bogotá, eligió nuevo Consejo General para el quinquenio 2019 – 2024. Este quedó constituido de la siguiente forma: Directora General: Elvira María Lucila Barceló Bolívar  (reelegida) Primera Consejera: Lucía Alvear Ramírez

Entry into Life of a great figure of India

Faithful Unto Death Someone has said, ‘A beautiful soul cannot be forgotten.’  This is true of Ms Crescy John who passed away peacefully on the morning of September 4, 2019 in Pune at the age of 87.  Many would have heard about her but a few really would have known her for what she was.

Nueva directiva CONIS de Chile

En conformidad con los Estatutos de la CONIS de Chile, se ha realizado la elección de la nueva directiva para los años 2019-2022, resultado elegidos: Presidenta: Jimena Alliende (Hermanas de María de Schoenstatt) Vicepresidenta: Ana García (Siervas Seglares de Jesucristo Sacerdote) Directoras: Teresa Almarza (Compañía de San Pablo) y Beatriz Miranda (Obreras de la Cruz)

Summer number of the US Conference review

Dear Friends, Heart Speaks to Heart. This is the theme of our coming annual national meeting, obviously inspired by divine providence. Just a few days after our executive committee had chosen this theme, it was announced that Pope Francis had approved the canonization of John Henry Cardinal Newman. The cardinal’s motto was: Cor ad cor loquitor,