Video realizzato per una riunione on-line dei Responsabili generali (29 maggio, 2021).

Testimony about Emilio Tresalti

Emilio Tresalti (Roma, 1935 – 2021). In memoriam A testimony Luciano Caimi Others – hopefully – will be able to produce a more specifically biographic profile of Prof. Emilio Tresalti, a person who was well known within the world of Secular Institutes and beyond. Here, I shall merely provide a testimony, divided into four parts, that


“To fully understand the mission of secular institutes, it is necessary to know and understand the mission of the laity” (Emilio Tresalti) We have learned today with great sadness of the death in Rome of Professor Emilio Tresalti, at the age of 86. For a long time Director General of the Cristo Re Institute, he

XXV World Day of Consecrated Life

Vatican City, 18 January 2021 To all consecrated persons, We draw close to you on the eve of a day dear to us, and to all consecrated men and women. A day dedicated to our wonderful vocation that makes God’s love for men, woman and the entire universe shine forth in various ways. On 2
Convegno “Carisma e creatività” sui beni culturali degli istituti di vita consacrata – 30 settembre / 1 ottobre 2021 promosso dalla Congregazione per gli istituti di Vita Consacrata e le Società di Vita Apostolica e dal Pontificio Consiglio della Cultura. CIVCSVA website

Holy Christmas 2020