Theme of the meeting:  RELATIONSHIP OF SECULAR INSTITUTE MEMBERS WITH PEOPLE OF  OTHER FAITHS The following papers will be presented: Challenges of Inculturation Women in Christianity and other major religions: a comparative study What is specific to Christian prayer and meditation A methodology to relate with other religions Relations with the people of other faiths  According to
Roma, 4 ottobre 2018 Festa di San Francesco di Assisi Carissimo Papa Francesco, Il Consiglio della CMIS, a nome degli Istituti Secolari che operano nei diversi continenti, nel silenzio e nel nascondimento, come lievito nella pasta, e con particolare attenzione alle periferie, desidera esprimerLe, in questo momento particolarmente difficile, vicinanza, affetto e soprattutto preghiera perché

Report – ACSI General Assembly 2018

After 43 years of its foundation laid by Dr .Emilio Tresalti in 1975, the 12th. General assembly was a landmark in the history of the Asian Conference of Secular Institutes, an affirmation of secular institutes not only in Asia but the world over. For the first time a representative from the Vatican, Cardinal Joao Braz


The revolution brought about by Provida Mater Ecclesia Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church regardin the Secular Institutes Provida Mater Ecclesia was a revolutionary gesture in the Church. Secular institutes are themselves an act of courage that the Church made at that moment; giving a structure and institutionalize the Secular Institutes. And from
Los miembros de los Institutos Seculares de América Latina y el Caribe, reunidos en Buenos Aires, Argentina, en el mes de julio de 2018, en el XII Congreso Latinoamericano, convocados bajo el lema: “Vivimos animados por el Espíritu” (Gál.5, 25), para reflexionar acerca de nuestra misión en el mundo y en la sociedad. QUEREMOS: Ser
Ms. Mary Sebastian of the Secular Institute of the Maids of the Poor Mary Sebastian passed away peacefully on 16th August, 2018, in Lucknow, India. She was 83. She made her first commitment in the Institute in 1956 and her final commitment took place in 1962. She worked hard for the unity of all Secular